Anti-Barking Dog Training Device
Anti-Barking Dog Training Device
Anti-Barking Dog Training Device
Anti-Barking Dog Training Device
Anti-Barking Dog Training Device

Anti-Barking Dog Training Device

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Daily Gifty's Anti-Barking Dog Training Device is the perfect way to help train your dog! At sounds only dogs can hear, this anti-barking training device will stop most dogs from barking humanely up to 15 feet away!

Excess Barking - 

Do you or your neighbor have a dog the barks at every little thing?  They just seem to love to bark!  You've tried yelling, squirt bottles or some other discipline and nothing works.  Maybe you have even tried shock collars but they are painful and only work on one dog.  We have your solution. Just point the Anti-bark Ultrasonic Training Device at the dog and press the button.  Barking stopped!

Training - 

You can also use the Daily Gifty Anti-Barking Dog Training Device to correct discipline problems.  The ultra-sonic, non-harmful sound will irritate your dog so they begin to associate poor behaviors with the sound and stop the behavior.  

Deflect - 

When strange dogs follow you on a walk or bike ride, just point and press and they will turn and leave.  Want to keep strange dogs out of your yard? The Daily Gifty Anti-Barking Dog Training Device will send them away.

Added bonus!  The LED flash light will help with night time walks and also acts as a low battery indicator.

  • Harmless, ultrasonic sound deters dogs from annoying and aggressive behaviors
  • Works up to 15 feet
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Requires battery (NOT INCLUDED)
  • LED flashlight also acts as battery indicator


  • Frequency 25 kHz
  • Sound Pressure - 130dB
  • Maximum current - 130mA
  • 9-volt battery  not included
  • Dimensions - 13x4x2.6
  • Net weight - 97g

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