Easy Flip™ Spatula
Easy Flip™ Spatula
Easy Flip™ Spatula

Easy Flip™ Spatula

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Cook Like A Professional!

  • Easily grab things and flip them
  • Make breakfast perfectly
  • Food grade material
  • Great for making eggs, sausage and bacon

The Easy Flip Spatula is perfect for your morning breakfast as it makes flipping eggs super easy.  It's tong-like design makes it so that you can easily grip the egg and flip it.

It also works for plenty of other things like sausage, omelettes, ham and much much more.

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But Hey, Don't Take Our Word For It! Here's What Customers Have to Say About!

Judy Melvin (June 11, 2013)

 This is a good idea!

"I recently purchased 3 Flip Spatula's & Im so glad to have finally found these. I bought one of these Flip Spatula's several years ago, & just love it ! I'm not sure where I bought this , but recently I decided to look for a spare one. Everytime I was out shopping, Id look in the kitchen dept & couldn't find anything simular to my flip spatula. A few days ago, I decided to check on the handle for a company name or address to see if I could locate the company that sold these spatula, & wammo I found the name ( Flip Spatula ) and decided to check on line to try and locate tis item . Wow, I found several of these & found Amazon had the best prices ! I'm so excited that I actually did find this item, as it's the best gadget in the kitchen. This spatula is easy to use and prevents a lot of splatter and ruining of my clothes. I've ruined so manny of my clothes from flipping burgers, Steaks, eggs etc, and now the flip spatula makes it much easier to flip ( turn ) food without the grease splattering & making a greasy mess on everything! ! I would recommend everyone to try a flip spatula. Not only is it a real bargain, but prevents the greasy clean up from splatters everywhere. When you buy one of these, you'll buy more to use for a great gadget gift. Your family & friends will want to know where they can get more of this awsome kitchen gadget ??"

Danielle (January 12, 2018)
 Everyone needs one

"This utensil has made cooking so much better. I use this for everything to move hot food from the pan to a plate, flip pancakes, and flipping food when I'm frying it. I hated when my fish falls apart when I'm flipping with a regular spatula. I've had it several months and it has held up well and looks exactly like it did when I first bought it still."

Eleanor C. Munson (June 21, 2018)
 Five Stars

"This handy kitchen gadget works just fine."

Carole Adler (November 18, 2018)

 Flips great.

"I had this item for a long time and could not find another. I looked on Amazon and, of course, it was there. I ordered it for my grandchildren so they could safely flip pancakes, etc. and they use it all the time. Would recommend for everyone. Makes flipping, fish, meat, vegetables sooo easy."

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